Final Challenge Day

The top 10 finalists from the pre-selection day compete in the final challenge. Jury members engage with the startups in a Q&A session to delve into the details of their digital solutions. The winners are announced at this event. The full version of the Challenge Day is available on YouTube – check link below.

Application Deadline

Last day to submit startup applications for the challenge. The jury members will begin the evaluation process after the application deadline.

Program Launch & Initiating Application Period

Startups are invited to submit their applications for the challenge. The application period lasts for one month, closing on February 5, 2023.

Online Meetup

A virtual gathering where the challenge details, rules, and expectations are presented. The full version of the online meetup is available on YouTube. Watch it at your convenience to catch up on all the information and insights shared during the event. Here’s the YouTube link:

Pre-selection Day

The 22 pre-selected startups will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas. Each startup is allocated 5 minutes to present their digital solutions. After each pitch, the SOCAR Türkiye Digital Transformation Team will ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the startups’ projects.

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